Dr. Karen Landt-Isley


Photographer & Visual Artist

Watch Karen’s video here

Dr. Karen Landt-Isley is a photographic artist who has worked in medical photography and lectured in Melbourne’s RMIT program as well as at James Cook University.

Karen moved to Townsville and became interested in place – particularly the landscape and experience of Magnetic Island.

Her work aims to push the boundaries of what photography is and can be, focusing on extending all the senses so as not to privilege sight. In this video, Dr. Landt-Isley shares the works and ideas that formed her Ph.D. research that featured artists books, photograms and photocopying techniques.

We filmed Karen on a blowy day on Maggie Island, at Alma Beach, which was one of the sites of her research for her body of work.

Karen does not ever want to have an artist’s website 🙂