Townsville is rich

with thoughtful


artistic activity


Townsville Artists Stories houses video interviews with nine visual artists that live and create in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia. The digital stories introduce the themes and concepts that drive artists living and creating in the region.

The project was funded by Townsville City Council and Arts Queensland through the Regional Arts Development Fund.

Alex Christopher, a curator, writer, educator, and sometimes artist, developed the idea to showcase Townsville artists in video format to her students at James Cook University’s Creative Media school. She wanted to highlight that a grounded, rich and exciting work of art is not made in one week and with one execution, but through involved processes, a sense of deep curiosity and fervor for knowledge and making, and a series of tests and lines of inquiry. Having grown up in the Sydney art scene, Alex also wanted to showcase the significant talent and verve of the regional creative community. Alex interviewed the artists during filming.

Mia Peronis, a videographer and photographer, captured the footage and edited the videos. Mia’s enterprise, Eyeswide Imaging, can be accessed here.

Nathan Rockemer, an emerging filmmaker, helped out with the filming of the interviews.

The artists who feature in the short videos include:

The films will first be exhibited at Umbrella Studio as part of “Generation”.